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New Video Series: Perfect Swing Trading Breakout Setups

This is the first video in a series of perfect breakout setups.

I'm a big proponent in success leaves clue so what I'm going to be doing in this video series is showing you a collection of perfect breakout setups and showing you the repeatable characteristics that just occur time after time so by the end
of this series  (don't know how many videos I’ll do) ,you'll be an expert at spotting a high quality breakout opportunity.

In each of these short videos I'm to focus on a couple of main points - there's going to be four for this first episode where we're talking about TravelZoo ($TZOO) as there are multiple different setups on on this that were all very high quality. The key points that I'm going to be focusing on in this video are trigger bars set up in relation to the key moving averages, the volume and also the relative strength.

I'm also going to be creating some more free model chart books in the future as well. 
You can download our current free model chart book here.

Hope you enjoy this video and also the entire series.
All the best with your trading,