Trading Reports

What's Your Why?

Instead of focusing on technicals or fundamentals, I wanted to discuss your mindset in this trading lesson.

In particular, I want you to think about the following question...

Why are you trading?

To me, it's the most important question to think about.

As we know, trading at a high level and consistently isn't easy.

Trading is a craft you must spend many years developing to master (and the tuition, learn from losing trades and mistakes, isn't cheap).

No matter how far along your trading journey you are, the reason for why you are trading is always important. The reason can also change overtime.

There will be many times when you want to quit trading. Chuck in the towel. It's become too difficult. You keep losing.

Remember though, every losing trade and obstacle is the market trying to teach you a lesson.

This is when your why helps you find a way to overcome the obstacle the market has put in front of you, and learn the lesson.

The market truly is the best teacher.

My 'why' is simple.

I want to create memories for children that will last them their lifetime. I want to make their dream come true.

When I run into an obstacle the market is putting in front of me, quitting is never an option. I don't even contemplate it. Why?

Because it's not about me. There are millions of children counting on me to find a way through this. I may sometimes let myself down, but there's no way I'm letting them down.

Therefore, it doesn't matter how hard it gets. It's nothing for me to keep going and find a way.

Think about your 'why'.

It might help propel you higher and provide more fulfilment than you ever imagined.

Here's to making a difference.