Stock Trading » My 2022 Top Stock Picks for Massive Growth

My 2022 Top Stock Picks for Massive Growth

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Read the Full Transcription:

Hey, I hope you’re doing well and ready for my top three stock picks for 2022. My name is Jack Corsellis. I’m a Prime Traders Club pro trader and in this video I’m going to share with you my top three picks for 2022, both in terms of the charts and also the fundamentals, the earnings and sales and the other of metrics that I’m looking at, which I’m going to share with you are absolutely brilliant for these three companies. As a little bonus for you, I’m also going to give you a wild card picks.

Ok, here we are on Marketsmith. So two of the stocks are going to be semiconductors and the other two are going to be auto manufacturers. So semiconductors and auto manufacturers, especially with an EV twist, I think, are going to be very strong in 2022. So these are the ones I’ve really got my eye on. So AMD currently the number one ranked group in Marketsmith.

So we’re going to look at the fundamentals and then we’ll look at the chart pattern and where I am looking to enter. So as you can see here, number one industry group in Marketsmith semiconductors look strong. What I like to look for over here is sequential. So quarter over quarter acceleration in the fund ownership. You can see the fund ownership going from 1800 funds to now 2800 funds over the last eight quarters, three high quality funds invested.

You take a look here. The earnings per share estimates for 2021 up 105% and for 2022 plus 27%, the earnings per share on a three to five year look back. That is growing at 135% with a return on equity of 36% with a comparison of 99. That’s when markets are compiled, all of the data it has for the stock gives it a ranking. One is terrible. 99 is fantastic. So AMD coming out is fantastic there. And then what I love about AMD and you’re going to see on the next semiconductor stock is the consistency of the earnings coming through and also the sales really consistent earnings coming through, really consistent sales coming through. So overall, from a fundamental perspective, really like A and B, this is the relative strength line. So RS line looks strong on a long term basis and a short term basis with an Rs rating of 97.

That is really good to see. You can see the chart pattern potentially setting up here. It’s been very strong. This is the weekly chart. I’m looking for a VCP cup and handle type pattern to form and then looking to buy.

So I’m just waiting and watching for where the pivot point is going to fall. So that is number one. These aren’t in any particular order. The top three here is another semiconductor related stock. Some of you probably would have guessed it.

This is Nvidia so same industry group as AMD. Number one out of 197 sequential growth in terms of the quarter over quarter fund ownership going from 2800 funds to 46, 100 funds. Now the market cap for Nvidia is much bigger than AMD. So Nvidia is larger at 770,000,000,000. I think this is probably going to be the next company which makes it to a trillion dollar market cap.

I think it’s going to come very close if it performs well in 2022, whereas AMD is 185,000,000,000 market cap. So AMD probably has probably a little bit more juice, I would say than Nvidia. But Nvidia Nevertheless is extremely strong. With the quarter over quarter fund ownership accelerating, multiple high quality funds invested, same as AMD really consistent earnings, really consistent sales coming through. Estimates for 2022 plus 74% in 2023 plus 19% earnings share growth rate on a three to five year.

Look back. 32% Roe 43%. Comp Rating 99 Fantastic company Rs Line short term, medium term long term basis looks great. Rs Rating 98 great and similar to AMD. Watching for this one.

Set up a VCP cup and handle pattern. Let me show you my third pick. As I said, it’s going to have an EV twist on it. And I think EV is going to be very strong in 2022. So this is Tesla, obviously over a trillion dollar market cap currently fund ownership accelerating management stolen 25% of now 1 billion shares.

So fund ownership is accelerating. You have four high quality growth funds invested. The estimates for 2021 plus one six 7%, 2022 45%. I think what Tesla is doing is extremely interesting as well. Comprating 99% what I really like here is the consistency of the triple digit earnings coming through.

You can see here that of the last seven quarters, all of them bar one which was 95%, have been triple digit earnings. That’s fantastic. And the sales are remaining consistently high as well. Rs Line looks great. Rs rating of 97 really strong.

So now looking for this here to potentially set up maybe something around kind of 1200, something like that. That might be a little rally, little kind of pullbacks and VCP action going on, followed by a breakout through maybe this kind of $1,200 level. But Tesla keeping my eye very firmly on that. So let me give you the bonus one, which is going to be another auto manufacturer, but they’re getting more involved in EV for electric vehicles and that one there is going to be Ford. I think this is looking really interesting.

We’re starting to see the fund ownership accelerate. So now going from around 1200 funds to 1700 funds, the Rs line looks great. The Rs rating is 98. The share price has gone from around $5 a share to $20 a share. And it’s building a really nice looking base on here, especially on the daily time frame.

I’m going to draw on to that in a second. So the estimates for 2021 kind of a little bit of a breakout year from the previous couple of years going up 336% 2022 kind of more and more. 5% But I would say the chart and the strength that we’re seeing on this chart here is telling us something. Let me just drop this down into the daily time frame. What I really like here is this potential base forming.

It’s starting to look very strong. So just watching and waiting for a pivot point to form in here. So this is what I may buy within the next couple of weeks or so. Really, if it can tighten up here, we can see that VCP action. The volume has been trending down nicely.

As I said, RS Rating 88 Rs line looks great short term, long term, mediumterm basis. So Ford is my wildcard pick for 2022. So thank you very much for watching. Remember comment down below your top three picks for 2022. I’ll be really interested to see them.

Thank you very much for watching this video. Please do subscribe like the video for me. It really helps me out. And as always, I look forward to seeing you in the future.


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